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4th of July Snack


It’s the 4th, which means we need some sort of celebratory snack.

a package of marshmallows
2 packages of melting chocolate, in red & blue, or food coloring
a pack of red, white, and blue M&Ms
a package or more of graham crackers

Melt your chocolate. Took a minute in  my microwave, according to directions.
Place a graham square down.
Dip one marshmallow into one color. Place on top of graham cracker
Dip another marshmallow in the other color. Place on top of the first marshmallow.
I used my M&Ms to decorate the bottom of my “firecracker”.

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Flash Bulbs Go Off – 4th of July Haiku

My creationRibbons of Colors
Shooting up then falling down
The Fourth of July

1. July 4th Fireworks, 2. July 4th Fireworks, 3. July 4th Fireworks, 4. July 4th Fireworks
Created with fd’s Flickr Toys