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Welcome to January

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So, I completely failed on the daily blogging. At like day 3 or 4.

No excuses. I just didn’t feel like opening any device to upload a post.

Heck, I’m not even sure I want to do it right now.

My schedule at work is all up in the air after Saturday, and I’m not a fan of that. I’m also really not a fan of getting used to a schedule, and knowing that it’s going to be changed. Which is will be.

The rest of January should be pretty quiet. February is going to be the month of insanity!

An “I Hope You Stay” Makes My Day

As you might recall, I was removed from a CT. Well, the owner of the store personally contacted me, and made sure that I was still going to be at the forum itself because she liked having me there. I had already made the decision not to leave because I love the forum and the people there, plus the other kit creators just rock my socks. But that message? It really made my day.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. First, I didn’t sleep a wink (and I mean that LITERALLY). Then, I’m carrying the laptop out of the bedroom and the FAN breaks. The little leg just snapped right off, right at the bend. Lovely! Then, my kids both wake up in very pissy moods. Ugh!! I didn’t want to deal with that.

So, I’m freaking exhausted with two pissy kids and my husband is going to be working late because all the carriers want 4-5 days weekends, so he’s picking up an extra hour and a half PLUS a full-coverage AND a third bundle. Oi!! So, I spend most of the day being lazy on the couch.

Well, I get an e-mail from the owner of the forum and store. The e-mail actually makes me cry because it made me feel like I really hadn’t done something wrong and that others liked me (being chosen for more CT also helped with that). I’m so glad she wrote me. And I’m glad I make her laugh during Speed Scraps. I seem to have that effect on ALL speed scraps, :lol:.

Okay, back to your scheduled programing.
Oh, and if you’re curious, Josh did replace my laptop fan!!
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