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Project Life: Week 04

Template: Life Inspired by Pretty in Green

Yep, That’s Life Stamps Bundle by Darcy Baldwin
Pocket Life: Week No. Brushes by Traci Reed
Project 2014 by Connie Prince
Save the Date by Kathy Winters

Pea Stella Noodles
PrimaSans BT
Pea Stacy Fancy
My Hands are Holding You

This week was actually pretty boring. The weather went crazy, with spring-like temps and then sub-zero ones. It ws crazy. I got a bracelet in the mail from one of the designers I CT for, and I haven’t taken it off. I have proof that I did laundry and that I cleaned up in front of my dresser. I got some new pens that are so pretty, and they wrote out my cleaning schedule so wonderfully!

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Week 44 P365 Layout


Template: M&M Designs

Diamond Girl Hollow
Felix Titling
Pea Danielle Renee
Pea Happy Girl
Pea Ellie Bellie
Pea NJH Script
Pea Smashtastic in a Hurry

Project 2013 by Connie Prince
Save the Date by Kathy Winters
Polar Bear Play by Pretty in Green
Mamarazzi Moments by Ponytails Designs
Best Year Ever by Trixie Scraps [November Daily Download]

Week 33, Locked and Loaded

Kit: Project 2012 September Mega Stash by Connie Prince

Project 366 moving right along.
People ask about my fonts, so here they are:
Dates were written in Janda Siesta Sunrise
Week of font is KG This Is Not Goodbye
Journaling is KG Eyes Wide Open