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P365–Week 06 & 07


Template: Creations by Julie
Kit Pieces:

  • Colors of My Life by the GS Designers
  • Project 2012: February by Connie Prince
  • Hooray For the Home Team by Kathy Winters
  • Creations by Julie felt freebie
  • Free With $10 Purchase February Kit by Luv Ewe Designs
  • Work It Out by Ellie Lash
  • This Is Why I Scrap by Sugar Pie Scraps
  • How I Feel by Valerie Ostrom
  • Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince


Sunday: Football Sunday. Sodas. Pizzas. Wings. Poppers. Football.
Monday: I got some streaks “installed” in my hair. Hand-done by me. About time I did it. They were so much fun.
Tuesday: Work-out space. Super small. But that’s okay. I’m cool with it.
Wednesday: Tablet. I have to play with it. I have to learn it. Sadly, I need a new desk or something because I can’t really use it currently.
Thursday: Josh had a day off. We went and looked at trucks. Now he’s talking doing a car again. I’m all confused, but at least I looked good while looking.
Friday: Ethan got called out of school and I had to take him to the doctor. Poor little guy. He has an ear infection.
Saturday: Girl Scouts. Hannah Banana was adorable as always. Hannah T & her sister Kaylee made me cry by being super sweet to Madi who got a little upset when she wasn’t picked. Aww!

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035/366 [2012] – Hybrid Card

I love playing with hybrid 😀
Things are more fun and personal when you add a piece of yourself into it.

023/366 [2012] – Geek Cookie Box

A cookie box hybrid that I made. I love how it turned out. Now if only I had some cookies to go inside of it.
Go on, make those cookies!!

Kit: Gamer Geek by FlutterbyeFaery Designs
Template: WendyBird Designs, available on the exclusive tab of her FB fan page!

Get Your Creative On



  • Cupcake Box by WendyBird Designs
  • Admit One by FlutterbyeFaery Designs
  • Super Spooky Mega & Add-On by Blue Heart Scraps
  • 2-Handled Box by WendyBird Designs

The time of year for lots of crafts is coming. I’m working on ghosts, boxes, and cookies. Oh my!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. I do live in Kansas and all Open-mouthed smile

Otherwise, I’m still trying to recuperate from the past four days. Tomorrow, the kids have doctors appointments at 9:30am, and then I take them back to school. Open-mouthed smile Friday, they have picture day! Might be heading to Wal-Mart when they get home (or picking them up, since I can just head straight to Wal-Mart then Winking smile). I’m still not sure on that. All I can say is that the truck is getting driven more than it’s been driven in a long time. Laughing out loud

Keeping It Real: Scrapbooking


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