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Death Warmed Over

If you follow me on any social networks, you know this already.
I feel like death warmed over.
I hate the flu/sinus infections (feels more like a sinus, since it’s mostly in my head).

Please, just give me a break from this 🙁

Will not be finishing NaNo. Definitely won’t be. I’m sitting at 37227 and I haven’t gone up since Monday. I’m amazed at how well I’ve done. I just hate, that once again, I’m doomed to fail because of a fucking sinus infection 🙁

The Fog Rolls In

DSCN2317, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

The First Fog signifies so much for those of us who realize what it means. It means two things:

  • The temps are so different between day and night that the air couldn’t “hide” the moisture. That means that fall is on the wings of summer, flapping very closely by
  • It also means that chilly temps in the morning and warmer temps in the day. That’s not a fun thing all the time, though. That also means cold and flu season is on the wings as well

No matter what, I love fall, I love cooler temps. I love that I have to break out my sweatshirts and thicker jackets. It means I can finally go braless when I take Madi to school without it being noticeable 😉

Sarah is an icky

Translation: Sarah feels like ass.

I was going through my re-current symptoms and it looks like what we’ve been thinking is PMDD might be something more because it lasts for longer than a week. The symptoms also match up with LOTS of other “illnesses”. One of the big ones that pop out are hypothyroidism, bipolar and much more o.O I’m seriously doubting the bipolar. I’ve been diagnosed with that, and I hate it!!

I’m just tired of being tired. I’m tired of aches and pains. I’m tired of everything, lately, it seems.

And, no, I’m depressed. I swear I’m not. Trust me, I know what it feels like to be depressed. The fact that I’m exhausted, but can still smile and play with my kids, migraine not-withstanding. That’s not depression. It’s like the exhaustion that comes with the flu, but ebbs and flows. That’s not depression, at least not what I’ve experienced. Plus increase in sex drive is so not a symptom of depression, XD


I feel icky. Not flu icky, thank god, just tired icky. I konked last night before 11, and was up at 8:30 with Madi (even showered), but I feel wiped. I think it’s because it’s so glum looking outside.

I did complete something though:

I like it. It’s actually pretty close, hair wise 🙂 Top is something I wish I could pull off, :P. Might try a VS strapless, and see if that’ll stay on 😉

In other news, Josh is very happy, because he’s getting a Colossal Red Dragon. I’m happy, though, too. Finally, something that’ll be fun to work out to: Carmen Electra: Aerobic Strip Gift Set. Kristen has the first two, and suggested it, saying she liked it, so I’m gonna give it a try. Hell, if I don’t like it, I can always hock it on EBay (or pass it to Julie, *snort*). Now to convince Josh I need something to work out in 😛

Now back to Harry Potter on ABC Family 😛