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Currently: August 25, 2015


WATCHING: The Glades
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PLANNING: C25K Week 1, Day 2
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25 August, 2015 · 10:19 pm

Camera And Fun

If you’re needing some good camera gear, check out this site!

Seriously! I found a rubber case housing for my DSLR on it, and wow, it looks really good!


I’m also a sucker for a really cute camera bag, and there are a few that are pink. Um, yes, please!?!

Seriously, though, if you’re a camper or even slightly obsessed with photography, check out this site! I’m not a camper, per se, but I do love to hang out outdoors. I’m just a bit of a priss and love to sleep in my own bed rather than on the ground. Call me a princess, but it’s the truth!

I’m not a fisher, but there are some great things for that, as well. Me? I prefer my fish to come from the grocery store.

No, I’m kidding at that. I love fresh fish. I just don’t enjoy sitting around waiting for a bite, :lol:. I miss having fresh fish though. I had it a lot when I lived in Florida as a child.

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4 August, 2015 · 11:42 am

Lazy Schlub


Yeah, that’s what today was all about being. The heat and humidity is just killer right now. I feel like ass 24/7 🙁 I hate it.

At least I’m keeping up with some chores. I’d love to be outside and walking but the heat is just too oppressive. I know my physical limits, and that’s one of them. I can’t do the heat. I’ve never been able to. Kansas is awful for it, too. I swear, it wasn’t this bad in Florida, but that might be because it actually freaking rained. Then again, the rain would make the humidity worse, though I’m not sure how it could be with 85% in the morning 🙁


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Throwback Thursday

the joy of the first grandchild
2003 … My parents met Madison for the first time. 😀

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I Need a Vacation

Alabama Hills Recreation Area

Alabama Hills Recreation Area (Photo credit: evanchu)

Sunday, I went to Lawrence. We spent time together as a family, and it was nice. But gah, the kids. They drove me nuts. Absolutely nuts. I want a vacation away from my family. At least my kids. If it wasn’t so humid, I’d be checking out some Alabama hotels. Something, anything, to get away.

I love my family, but I need a break. I’d love to check out Alabama, though. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty state, that there are some great things to see.

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