Did Some Cleaning

Here’s how I cleaned up the blog:

  • I cleaned up the sidebars on all the themes. I removed the “Currently…” *I doubt anyone reads those anyway* and the Flickr. Half the themes it was breaking anyway, so I made it more universal, XD
  • I removed some older themes, or ones that I just didn’t like. One was removed because a plugin no longer works right on it, and made the theme look like crap. Loved the theme, and maybe I’ll bug Katy about it once spring comes around, since it suits me for May :love:
  • I removed the “Related Posts” on the themes that had it. It was cluttering and made everything look a mess. It just wasn’t pretty *they’re still available for feeds, since I feed my own site and like the related posts, but agree that they did clutter the site
  • I lowered the number of posts viewed on each page. Ten can still be read in the feedreader, but only 5 are viewable per page. It was a nice rounded number that works for all the themes, after the clean-up. There still might be a bit of extra scroll past the sidebars, but it depends on how much or how little I write, since I also changed the Evermore (2 paragraphs of at least 100 words each before the [more] gets added

One thing I still need to do is on the themes that come with avs, to remove the code for them on the single posts pages, because they look AWFUL with it.