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Grampa Situates Madi
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10 June, 2017 · 10:25 pm


I didn’t update yesterday. Things got a bit hectic, :lol:. We got the makings for Ethan’s cake. He’s gonna have a butter cake with milk chocolate icing and funfetti cupcakes with funfetti icing. Cheaper to go that route than any other. We also got him about $50-75 worth of clothes (little man has NO summer clothes that fit right, :lol:). I also got my second holes re-pierced. Randomly ear goes “Ow”, :lol:, on the right side. I was braced for the left, but not the right, so it has flashbacks, :loser:.

So tomorrow’s the big day. The big TWO for little man. I can’t believe he’s already freaking TWO! It seems like yesterday I was getting checked in for the induction, because he was being a stubborn ass and didn’t wanna come out, :lol:. Now he’s walking, talking, and getting ready to start potty-training (he loves his big boy pants, :lol:).

Yesterday we got my food processor. Ten dollars more than expected (must have went up in price, :(), but it’s HUGE. It’s bigger than I thought, BUT, all of the blades fit in the processor when not in use, the locking mechanism for the lid makes you think (good thing), AND there’s suction cups for feet, so I don’t have to worry about them trying to pull it from anywhere :clap:.

Today’s plan: clean the apartment, :movingon:. I doubt much’ll get done. Josh is over at JD’s, helping him move his mom’s stuff to the nursing home (poor guy). Then, at 2pm, we’ve got an appointment to renew our lease for here. Next month’s rent is $100 cheaper, courtesy of Kristen and Jeremy, and Josh’s bonus comes in Thursday, so that’s an extra $300 we’re going to have, thank god. Might not be getting the car stereo, since we went through tax return a little fast (still have his and Madi’s birthdays to think about, along with Emma’s the 24th of April). :hissyfit: Biggest problem is SRS taking their sweet ass time processing paperwork. It takes two fucking weeks for them to do a damn thing. Pisses me off, because the money we’re trying to save is going to food we have to buy so that we don’t starve. Please explain to me HOW we’re supposed to get off of state-assistance if the state does everything it can for us NOT to?


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