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30 Lists: Days 02-04

30 Lists - Day 02
Day 02:
1. Using my other cameras besides my phone
2. Be more consistent with videos
3. Become more organized.
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4th of July Snack


It’s the 4th, which means we need some sort of celebratory snack.

a package of marshmallows
2 packages of melting chocolate, in red & blue, or food coloring
a pack of red, white, and blue M&Ms
a package or more of graham crackers

Melt your chocolate. Took a minute in  my microwave, according to directions.
Place a graham square down.
Dip one marshmallow into one color. Place on top of graham cracker
Dip another marshmallow in the other color. Place on top of the first marshmallow.
I used my M&Ms to decorate the bottom of my “firecracker”.

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Some 4th Shots

Yesterday, I didn’t blog. I have a valid excuse: I was gone all day, Smile with tongue out We went to Josh’s brother’s house. It was a good day. A very good day. All the siblings hung out, and it was just great! I got a LOT of pictures, but didn’t get many decent ones of the fireworks. We didn’t go to the ones held in Topeka. I hate crowds. Josh’s neck was all screwy. I did get some shots, though.

I also got some videos of the kids! They played on a little park near where Jesse lives Smile

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Icky feelings

Okay, first off, it sucks because we didn’t get to go do fireworks!! First, we had a big storm blow through. Tornado-warning big storm. A tornado was spotted 4 miles from Mark’s store. That means it was DAMN close to us (we’re a 5 minute drive from there). I look out, I go “look, the clouds are rotating”, and *BOOM*, off goes the tornado warnings. Not fun. So, with rain, we decided it best to just stay home. So we didn’t go to to “Go Fourth”/”Spirit of Kansas”. Kinda sad, but we had a nice dinner, and got to see some fireworks outside on the porch, until Five chased us inside with retarded use of fireworks :firework. *grumble*

Then, of course, I start on the 4th. Cramps seriously hit me at 8, and they hit hard and fast. Painfully so. :grr: It hurts so bad. I’m hating life right now, and it’s not a pretty sight at all. Josh, being the amazing guy he is, is doing all he can to make me feel better. Midol isn’t helping at all, and I think that’s pissing me off more. :help:

Well, I’m exhausted, and might just head to bed.

:nite-nite: :bye: