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So … I Got New Glasses

I’m not sure if they suit my face! :O

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Trying to Eat Healthier

I’m trying to make healthier, smarter choices. Just small ones here and there (as I sit here, nomming on some Pumpkin Pie KitKats ). Each morning, especially before work, I make sure I have myself a shake. I switched to non-lactose containing milks (Fairlife ultra-processed or almondmilk), and I’ve noticed a HUGE change in how my body is digesting! Yay for that win against IBS!
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So Nasty

So, the water in Topeka both smells bad and tastes bad, but its “safe” to drink. It tastes so bad here that even a water filter isn’t helping. THIS is why I prefer bottled water. I seriously don’t really trust the “safe” rating on the water. Honestly, the water smells like the reclaimed water that we had to smell in Florida. Its just seriously nasty. Just GROSS!

Re-Finding My Love of Water

Recently, I stopped drinking water like I used to. Bottles are expensive, and the water filters we use are in the pitcher in the fridge. The ice-cold-ness hurt my teeth. But, I need to find that love again. I actually like drinking water, but hate the taste of tap. Tap here, or anywhere, I’ve found, minus my parents, but that’s well, tastes like feet to me. Feet and butt. Not a nice combo.

Might explain why I always mix in a flavoring 😉