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Don’t Fence Me In


There has been some talk about swimming pool fences lately. Kids are drowning in unprotected pools.

I hear “watch your kid” but you know what? Anything can happen in a split second when you turn your head. It doesn’t matter how diligent as a parent you are. Everyone misses something. We’re not robots.

All we can do is prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. That’s our motto here. I like that. It fits.

Thinking of houses … again

When Josh and I get a house, we want land. We’ve decided, and agreed on that. We’ll give up what we have to to be able to afford that.

If we do that, though, we know we’ll need a shed or two, like a DuraMax YardMate Vinyl Storage Shed 00711.We also want something for the kids to play in, much like a playhouse, but something we can convert later, when they’re older, into another shed, and if/when they have kids of their own, we’ll be able to reconvert it back.

Besides that, we’re also talking about fencing that we might need. Josh wants a decent size dog, and I’m wanting a smaller one, plus cats, :lol:. I’m thinking an invisible fence would be a good idea. He said it works on rotties, labs, and shepherds. I think it would work with the smallish dog I want, and the big dog he wants.

Oh well, we have a while before we have to worry about that.