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Currently … Feb 01 – 05

Currently: February 01, 2016

February 01, 2016
Watching: Sons of Anarchy
Reading: Someone Like You
Listening: Quiet
Making: Muscles Sore
Feeling: Sickly
Planning: Working
Loving: Weight Loss

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Currentlys Again

I figured I’d start doing the Currently cards again, so here are a few.


I started Alphas today and I am already hooked with the first episode!

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Currently … Inspired

Watching: X-Files … yes, I’m still marathoning it 😀
Listening: Dirty Jobs … the kids were watching it.
Reading: The Blackstone Heir … it took me 4 days to read it. :O
Loving: Spring Break … we’re all just loving it, I think 😀
Feeling: Less than energetic … sleep hasn’t been coming easily
Admiring: Right Here Right Now kit by Inspired Designs … I need to use it more 😀
Contemplating: Cleaning, but I don’t wanna do it … really, who does?

Card: http://store.gingerscraps.net/RIGHT-HERE.-RIGHT-NOW.-TODAY-Pocket-Cards-2.html, an add-on to Right Here Right Now by Inspired Designs


I set the alarm. When it goes off, I fill it out. I play with the image until it fits the day. And then I share it on Instagram.
The #CurrentlyList project, created by RUKristin Papercrafts. She also is the mastermind behind #Thursday3.

#currentlylist #phonto #photofy #photofyapp #veteransday #111114 #november11
watching: Salem
reading: Yours For Christmas
listening: Something weird on SyFy
making: myself hungry
feeling: indigestion
planning; doing October PL (Project: Life)
loving: Netflix

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Currently – Week of August 03, 2014

Fitbit Flex: I want one because my current tracking isn’t that reliable (my Samsung Galaxy S4), because I can’t carry it with me all the time. Plus, it tracks sleep 😀 I need that! I’m never sure of how much sleep I actually get!
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