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My Favorite Blogs …


Day 16, Friday: Blogging is about sharing the love.  Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly.

Moosh in Indy

Casey is her name, photography and ADORABLE kids is what she’s known for. She’s always so open and honest about her depression, her struggles, and all of that. She’s seriously so SWEET and makes me miss Indiana more and more, every single time I read her blog!


Another blog about a mom, but more than just a mom. I love the open honesty in this blog as well. She’s hilarious, and her posts always hit home, no matter the topic.

Smut Book Club

Yes, I’m a reader. Yes, I enjoy the “smut” side of romance. These reviews really give the books a nice “kick” and you know what you’ll be getting yourself into, without having the whole plot spoiled on you.


She’s the creator of the amazing “Currently List” stuff that I do! She has so many great things going on, and I just love her crafts! She makes me feel semi-useless, but I still love following!

These Little Wonders

A digiscrap/Project Life blog that I just adore. My project life projects that have the Currently cards are created by her. I love how beautifully done they are!

April 2013 Favorites

Okay, I’m going to try and do a favorites blog each month. We’ll see how that goes. This post is about April’s Favorites!

IMG_4773 IMG_4777
I did make a vlog of the favorites, so I had to set things all up. My husband got me 2 new tripods for Mother’s Day and I was so excited to use them. I’ll definitely be listing both in my May favorites video, but if you’re curious, I got a Joby Gorillapod Flexible Tripod and a Targus 50-Inch Tripod with 3-Way Panhead. I’m loving both of them, and I’ve had them for only about 24-hours!

Anyways, let’s continue on with the list!

Hair-Related Favorites

  • Goody Frizz-Free Volumizing Vent Brush
    Helps speed up blow-drying without all of the crazy fly-aways. I’ve tried it with and without a heat-protectant spray, and had wonderful results, either way.
  • Goody Frizz-Controlling Finish
    This is my every single morning brush. I use it each morning and it helps with the frizz that is really coming to light now that Spring is sober again!

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