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Happy Father’s Day

Like Father, Like Son

Today is Father’s Day. The day we honor and remember our fathers.
I have an amazing one. A seriously amazing one. My dad is Richard Gregory Burkett. He goes by Greg. My son, Ethan Gregory, is named after him. He’s my hero, my first hero. He’s the one I know I can count on, no matter what.
All the time, Josh is giving me new tidbits on my dad that I never knew. He told Josh that my sister and I love with our whole hearts. That if he felt the relationship wasn’t working, that HE would have to leave because I never would. I guess that’s really true, especially for my sister. Megan stayed with an abusive jackass for too long because of that.
My dad taught me more than just how to ride a bike. He taught me that I’m special in so many ways, but not so special that I didn’t have to work to get what I need. He taught me so much about life, love, and everything. My beliefs are majorly built on what he had taught me. He taught me that I don’t need a church to tell me what to believe. That everyone has their own interpretations of the Bible, of everything, and that it’s up to me to figure out exactly what I believe.
I can’t watch an episode of Star Trek without thinking of my father. We used to watch that together all the time. He always compared me to Data, simply because I could argue a point to death, and it seemed I was doing it just to be right, not because I thought I was right. I have to admit that that’s completely true.
My dad taught me what a man is supposed to be. He can cry. He can have weak moments. He can carry the world on his shoulders and still have the time to kiss a boo-boo. He taught me what true unconditional love is all about.
He gave me my motto for life:
Tomorrow never comes. Yesterday never happened. Today is all that we have.
My dad is the one who gave me the faith in myself to try and fail. If I fail, it mattered, but at least I had tried. I gave it my all, and that’s what really matters. I love that lesson. It’s not the easiest lesson to learn, but it’s one that all children need to have in their arsenal of learned lessons. Or something like that.

My dad is also the one who helped me learn exactly what and who I wanted in the father of my children. If Dad hadn’t taught me what a true man was, I probably wouldn’t have fallen for Josh. No, that’s not true. I would have. Josh was pretty damn irresistible, but my father gave me the strength of courage to follow my heart.


Another great father in my life, of course, is my husband. Josh is such a great dad. It’s so obvious when you see him interact with his children, how much he adores them. I love seeing them together. There’s always some laughter in the midst of everything, and it’s just such a joy to see them in that pile of love.
There are times when we’re frustrated out of our minds, when one of them will do something that will make Josh laugh. Something that he can’t resist laughing at. His face just brightens up. All of the fatigue of the day, the week, the month, just seems to fade away, and it’s like seeing him when we first met, twelve years ago now.
I can’t believe I’ve known this amazing man for twelve years now. I would have never imagined that twelve years ago, that we’d have two children, living in Kansas, and actually happy, and not wanting to kill each other. It’s quite nice, actually.

I am so content with this life that we lead, though it’s been a long journey, and there are still times when I wish I could just quit it all and start somewhere new, I still wouldn’t change anything. Our trials and tribulations make us more thankful for when things go well and right in our lives.

So, on this day, this Father’s Day, I give thanks for the father that gave me life, the father of my children, and all of the fathers that I know. All of them are amazing, each and every single one of them.
I love y’all!


California’s Full of Whiskey and Gold

No, that has nothing to do with anything. Just something that’s stuck in my head! Anyways, I’ve teased my dad that he’s gonna have to look into senior life insurance soon. He is gonna be 52 this year!! It’s my job, as his oldest {and most loved :P} daughter, to tease the crap out of him. It keeps his mind sharp and able.

All kidding aside, I adore my dad, and I seriously can’t believe that he’s actually in his 50s! He doesn’t seem it to me, but I guess, since I’m going to be 29 this year, that he has to age along with me!