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Goals for November

I have goals! Yes I do!

I’m starting with small goals. The smaller goals mean they’re easier to achieve!

Goal #1: Start Shift Shop

I start on November 04 (Monday). My goal is to completely finish it!

Goal #2: Write 50k Words

I’m doing NaNoWriMo. I need to write those words!

Goal #3: Share My Workouts

I went to a singular instagram account so that I could do this more efficiently.

Goal 4: Read at least 5 Books

I only put it that low simply because I should be focusing on writing and NOT my reading.

Goal 5: Get SLEEP!

Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping well. AT ALL!

NaNoWriMo 2018: Day 01

Today is Day 01 of Writing Daily.

Ugh! I requested today off so that I could get ALL the writing done.

Instead it’s almost noon and I have 38 words typed. I have more words put into this blog post than I do with my novel. Not a great start to #NaNoWriMo 2018, right?

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World Building: The World: Alternate Earth

The questions and things come from here. We’ll see how well I can do this, . If anything really sucks, please, please, PLEASE, let me know!

  • Are there non-human inhabitants of this planet (elves, dwarves, aliens)? If so, how numerous? How openly present? What areas do they occupy?

    Elven Humans: They are usually found in the more wooded, mountain-y areas, but not high in them because the cold seems to not react well with their systems.
    Vampiric Humans: They tend to live anywhere. They blend in easily, as long as they don’t smile too broadly.
    Gods/Goddess: They literally can be found anywhere.
    Shape Shifter: They can be found most anywhere. If they’re of “animal birth” they’re found in the prominent areas of their animal brethren. The ones of “human birth” will be found in the areas humans are found.
    Faeries: Since faeries have the ability to live the size of humans, they can be found most anywhere. If they choose not to be of human size, they’re usually then found in remote areas, usually warmer climates.

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Some Character Races

Okay, I was thinking on this last night. Sounds like I’m gonna sort of completely steal Perpstu’s vampires and faeries idea, :lol:.


  • Vampires: I’m gonna go more the route of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. You are either born a vampire or you’re not. They don’t prey on humans. They help the faeries protect humans, along with the “magicals”. They can live up to a millennium.
  • The Magicals: They can wield magic. They’re born with the ability, but not all children born to a magical family have the ability. They do not learn that they can do magic until their 16th birthday. While human children are anxiously awaiting the ability to get their driver’s license, Magicals are anxiously awaiting to find out if they’ll be using magic or not. Those who are magic-wielding are then trained to protect the humans. They live for at least five centuries, and age normally until they hit their mid-twenties, in which the aging process practically halts until the last decade or so of their lives.
  • The Faeries: There are two types of faeries. The Good and The Evil. A faery child can make the choice to be evil or good, and an adult faery has the ability to change their “party affiliation”. The magic a faery wields is the same, good or evil. Faeries, as expected, are tiny creatures, who can “grow” to human-size. They do fly. They do have wings.
  • The Gods: There cannot be a world without gods and goddesses. I’m still working on how many I’m gonna have, and who will have domain over what. Suggestions for domains would be awesome
  • The Humans: Does one really have to describe the humans? Seriously? They’re basic. They’re boring. They’re, well, humans, 😆

I’m also working on special animals for the series (yes, I want to make it a series, because it gives me something to write for NaNoWriMo, Writo de Mayo, and JulWriMo.