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Some 4th Shots

Yesterday, I didn’t blog. I have a valid excuse: I was gone all day, Smile with tongue out We went to Josh’s brother’s house. It was a good day. A very good day. All the siblings hung out, and it was just great! I got a LOT of pictures, but didn’t get many decent ones of the fireworks. We didn’t go to the ones held in Topeka. I hate crowds. Josh’s neck was all screwy. I did get some shots, though.

I also got some videos of the kids! They played on a little park near where Jesse lives Smile

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Weekly Winners – June 06 – June 13, 2009

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Okay, I uploaded 32 pictures, but yeah, not going to do them all. Feel free to check out the Flickr account for more, though!

My Oddball Daddy
If anyone ever asks where I get my goofiness from, all I have to do is show them this picture, :lol:.
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Less Words Wednesday

The New BFF Version

My creation

I got shorts in the mail. Never knew I’d get excited over shorts in the mail, but I did, XD
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A Christmas Tour in Pictures

Not the greatest of tours, but this is kind of funny, in my own personal way, :lol:.

The story starts out with a very exhausted momma. Why is she so tired? Momma has been up since 10am yesterday, minus one hour of sleep around 3-4am. Yeah, she has a right to be tired, right?
But the holidays are coming and she doesn’t have the time to be tired, nor does she have the time for her insomnia.
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Truck Might Need Something

As some might now, I’m a panic maniac when it comes to my truck and the brakes. After having one vehicle’s brakes go out, I’m overly cautious as I put and paranoid as everyone else says, :lol:. Bleh, and add to it that I need a new battery, and maybe a car repair estimate, I’m not looking forward to it.

I do have an upside to all of this. My dad is a mechanic. While he may not work on cars as his main profession anymore (he does cranes and lifts, etc now), he still puts around in car repair for family and friends as a side job. So, that means I get the car repair estimates for free, and most times, since he’ll most likely have the parts on hand, the car repair free. Works for me, :lol:.

If we do have to take it to an auto repair shop, I’ll be letting Josh do the talking. Why? Because I’m female and even my dad told me that most mechanics and shop managers will see female and try to screw them out of money. Yeah, that’s how the business works. I’ve seen it in electronic stores as well, though, but I know just as much about what I’m looking for, or more, so they don’t get too far with me on that aspect.

So, changed your oil recently?


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