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Great Birthday

I had a great birthday!

Okay, quick blog post over. Back to work. Spent nearly 2 hours on my phone with my folks so I am very behind ūüėÄ

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8 December, 2016 · 11:54 pm


Today, I shopped with Josh. We didn’t buy anything but groceries and a tree topper (finally), but I loved spending the day with him!

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6 December, 2016 · 10:09 pm

The Best Day

As I sit here, ¬†watching Monster University, I’m smiling. ¬†Today was a good day.

Today, ¬†we finally got me a Bluetooth keyboard. It was needed for NaNoWriMo writing on the go. I can use it while we’re in the car, when I’m at work (on breaks, ¬†of course) . It’s going to make my life just a little easier. ¬†I’m actually writing with it right now!

Today, ¬†I finished my last shift before my vacation. ¬†I’m proud of myself for working as much as I have. I need the break though. I’m having some major shoulder pain from the repetitive motions. I’m still planning on going to the gym and all that jazz, ¬†including strength exercises for the shoulder, ¬†but that’s all I’ll be doing with it.

Josh is going to be on vacation too! I’m sure we’ll end up wanting to kill each other by the end of the week, ¬†but that’s one of the reasons I’m thankful we have the gym for me to go to (or Josh, ūüėČ ) . It gives us a small break from each other!

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23 October, 2016 · 8:51 pm

Pretty Pretty Planners

Lately, I’ve been using two planners. I have 2 others, for 2016, that I could use (not including the fitness one), but I’ll be honest, I love the Happy Planner and Bullet Journal!

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16 October, 2016 · 10:18 pm

A PokeWalk

I took a walk with my daughter, and it was great!

My Gear Fit 2 missed some, but it was a good walk. GORGEOUS views. Perfect temps!

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