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Today is your day

I have no idea, but I’ve got this feeling that today’s either going to rock and completely suck. No middle ground. That just totally bites, doesn’t it?

We did figure out some good news: rent will technically be coming out of the next paycheck. The next paycheck is going to be a decent size (1 day off each week, plus Sunday extra pay). *sweet* That just works out perfectly. That means we can keep money in the savings account, and have a buffer. That means if the computer decides to completely bite the dust, we’re going to be okay 🙂 I like that. That makes me feel a lot better.

Josh called at about 11:30 this morning. He was just starting his route. Everyone had a lot of mail, and I mean a lot. He started at the same time as most of the regulars, so it’s not because he’s slow. He called while he was filling up the LLV (mail truck). He started at 7:45, and he told them (Jayhawk Station) straight-up that he was going to need assistance. The guy who’ll be helping him out said that he most likely won’t catch him until after 5. They have to be back at the station by six for the mail pick-up. That means he’s definitely getting overtime today (5:15 would be 10 hours, including his 1/2 hour lunch). Holy damn!! If he works past 6, he gets even more money, for working “evening”.

Tomorrow is his day off. Since we’ve got our buffer, if he wants to go out and do something, we can (like buy actual day-to-day tennis shoes). I’m totally cool with that.

Speaking of shoes, I got me some new ones yesterday: Athletic Works 7000 Jogger. They’re light grey and dark purple, with white. GORGEOUS!! And totally me (curved toe, comfy, etc). We got Madi a new pair of sandals. We realized that her shoes were a size too small, so we got her a pair that were on clearance. Brown and strappy and ADORABLE!! We also found her shoes for the wedding. I found a pair I liked, in white, but the smallest size was a size 11. She’s a size 8/9 (depending on the shoe), so that wouldn’t work. Got those for super-cheap! Ethan also got a pair of shoes for the wedding. We got him some adorable penny loafers. They’re the same exact pair I found the day I got his outfit for it, and they still look perfect!! I can’t wait for Julie to see them.

Today’s plans:

  • Upgrade to 2.3 once it’s released (supposed to be today at some point)
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Nixxed from my SIL

B- Fun when it comes to meeting new people (Ha ha, yeah right)
U- Really laid back (most of the time)
R- Someone everyone loves (I think so, in their own way)
K- Have a nice butt (hee hee)
E- Have a nice ass (damn, it must be, XD)
T -Very Funny (*snort*)
T -Very Funny (I must be a fucking comedian)

A- A bangin kisser
B- Fun when it comes to meeting new people
C- Truly believe in love
D- Have a big heart
E- Have a nice ass
F- People totally adore
G- Deeply believe in love
H- Very good personality and looks
I- Popular with all types of people
J- Like to try new things
K- Have a nice butt
L- People think your fine
M- Never let people tell you what to do
N- The best in bed
O-Like to have a good time
P- Have a big warm heart
Q- Good in bed
R- Someone everyone loves
S- Have problems trusting people
T -Very Funny
U- Really laid back
V- Not judgemental
W- Hated by many, confronted by few
X- Success comes easily
Y- One of the sexiest people alive
Z- very broad minded

Colts, PSP, Life

First off, the game last night? Farking awesome!! :football: At first it looked like the Colts weren’t going to do so well. I mean, come on, Addai “injured” in the first play of the game?!?! That was NUTS!! Thankfully, he just had the wind knocked out of him. The game went pretty well. The Colts didn’t block that great in the first half, but BAM! Second half comes around, and it’s like it’s a whole new team. They walloped the shit out of the Saints. They wouldn’t let ANYONE through. After that first touchdown and field goal, ha ha, the Saints were SCREWED! GO COLTS!!!

Onto PSP. :psp: I’m currently installing the newest version: X2, :lol:. I’m liking the design so far, though I haven’t played with it at all, ROFL. Gonna work on it ASAP, well, as soon as it installs, XD. After playing with PSP for so much, I’m not so much :photoshop: any more 🙁 It’s kind of sad, but Photoshop just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Plus the price? RIDICULOUS!! Its insane how much they’re charging. Over $1000 for one progam. WTF? Oh hell no!!

What’s life? Life is doing pretty good. Mark and JuJu came over last night 🙂 We had pizza. *mmmm* Pizza! We all actually watched the game. From what I could tell, Julie was actually starting to get into it, XD. Poor thing couldn’t choose between the Colts and the Saints. Why? Because both teams had Kansas State players, :lol:. She ended up rooting for the Colts, but I wonder if that was because they were walloping the Saints, XD.

Anyways, I think that’s it for now 🙂

Pissed My Sister off

Her text to me:

I dont kno if i can get senior pics now because mom isnt workin i also dont know if i can get my class ring 2

My response:

That’s okay because I’m most likely not going to be able to come anyways. My dress for the wedding has to be altered and then there’s RenFaire. Also Julie’s bachelorette party and the marking me [should have been OF] the first year without Kathy.

Her response:

K i am upset now i dont get to see my niece or nephew for a while now thanks a lot

My last:

Grow up! Being with Josh on the anniversary of his mom’s death is a hell of a lot more important to me.

Her last:

K fine see u in 1 year bye

Excuse me if I’m not sympathetic to the fact that she’s not going to get senior pics or a class ring. I never got either, nor did I get a yearbook my senior year (or any other year). She’s got a job. She can save and pay for that shit herself.

Also, the childishness just set me off. She’s going to freaking EIGHTEEN in EIGHT days and she still acts worse than Madi and Ethan sometimes. *grumble*

I just don’t have the mental capacity this week to deal with her childish antics (that time of the 3-months, XD)

I love my aunt

I talked to my aunt Jerri Ann for almost 30 minutes. That’s the only way, pretty much, that we can keep in contact, because she moves every 6-9 weeks or so, because of her job (she fills temp positions for an occupational therapist). It felt good to talk to her. I love talking to her.

One thing though: she keeps trying to convince me to find a church in this area. I’ve only found one church I was comfortable in, and even now, I’m not too comfortable about it, because those that made me feel comfortable aren’t there anymore (the pastor retired, the music pastor was let go). The previous church I was a part of was ass-backward on a few things, and made sure everyone knew about it. Me, I’m in the similar thinking as my dad: I don’t need a church to tell me how to worship the Lord and His Son. I do it in my own way. Also, with the fact that I don’t believe homosexuality is a sin, and I believe in magic, witchcraft, and am obsessed with pagan religions (Greeks, Romans, Atlanteans, etc – god bless the Dark Hunter series, XD).

Honestly, what makes a Christian a Christian, besides the belief that Christ is the Son of God, that He died for our sins, and that He rose and lives again?