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Weekly Winners: July 05 – July 12, 2009

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Lazy webcam shot is lazy
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Weekly Winners: April 5 – April 11, 2009

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Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120
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Hello, and welcome to the Slacker Hour here at TM2TS. Why is it Slacker Hour, you ask? Because I went 3 days last week without taking a picture. AND 3 days without working out. Bad Sarah, bad Sarah!

Anyways, on to the pictures, right?

Awesome Soundtrack
I LOVE my new MP3 player [Sansa Clip, 8 gig]. It’s a pain the butt to fill though, XD. I’m not even a quarter full O.O
Oh, and if you want proof I take my camera with me everywhere, I actually took this photo first thing in the morning, going pee, XD
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Weekly Winners – August 24th through August 30th

Pictures taken with a
Nikon Coolpix L4 Digital Camera
Samsung BlackJack II Smartphone

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Little Boy Mess

It’s amazing how that little of a boy can make that big of a mess, 😆 And, yes, that’s Frosty the Snowman on his tv, :loser:
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Less Words Wednesday

PIC-0152 PIC-0156 PIC-0157

The faces of my daughter. Yeah, I can remember to take pictures of her, but can’t remember to make her lunch. Gah! I’m such a bad mommy 🙁