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Long Time, No Blog

Ugh, dealing with a headache right now.
Or it might be a migraine, since it’s lasted longer than a day.


This was before I went for a 2 mile walk! With a friend. Around the lake. We went Pokemon hunting.

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I Felt Pretty

I’ve never been known for my self-confidence. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has decided that now it wants to have the breakouts. It’s insane.

But today, I took some time and actually put on make-up, taking extra care on covering up the problem areas. I even filled in the brows.

Products I used:

It’s not the makeup though, that made me feel pretty. It was the confidence in myself, knowing I was doing it for myself, not because I had to.

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I feel Pretty


I did my make-up, and I really like how it turned out. I even did some wings on my eyeliner! It didn’t turn out PERFECT, but @AlliTrippy had a wonderful tutorial on how to make sure you get PERFECT EYELINER every time!

Products I used:

Goodness me, I used a lot of products. These are all linked to Amazon, but I got all of them, except for the Pixi and Mica at Walmart. Pixi I got at Target, and Mica I got in my IPSY February bag.

This is SERIOUSLY a bad shot [webcam] but I don’t want to dig out my other cameras, or even my cellphone. I’m that lazy right now.