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Long Time, No Blog

Ugh, dealing with a headache right now.
Or it might be a migraine, since it’s lasted longer than a day.


This was before I went for a 2 mile walk! With a friend. Around the lake. We went Pokemon hunting.

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Stuck in the Past

*giggles* Yeah, I meant to write that. I do feel like I’m stuck in the past, :lol:. I found a download for The Oregon Trail and Where In the US/World is Carmen Sandiego. :eyebrow: I giggled and went to Josh “I want that, I want that” for Oregon Trail and started singing the theme song from the show when I saw Carmen Sandiego, :weirdface:. Yeah, I’ve lost whatever is left of my mind, πŸ˜›

I’ve been playing with the Butters from GreatKris. There’s so many awesome tube packs available there. You seriously should check them out. And no, I’m not getting anything by suggesting you check her out, I swear!! I’ve currently got the whole collection of Chubbers, Sugars, and Butters, :lol:, plus all the Kay bears, Lillian bears and bunnies, Chester, Petokey, and Pitters cats, the whole Truffies set AND Bargain Bins 1 and 2. Can you tell how much I like her stuff?

This is what I’ve made most recently:

The cow was today’s tag (other tubes in both are from Tube Junkie) and the waving uni is for tomorrow πŸ™‚ I hope my members like(d) them πŸ™‚