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Needing Sleep

Okay, I have tried and tried to figure out how to work baptism invitations into a blog post. Well, I guess I have now, but before that, :lol:, I was having some major problems. No one in our family really makes a big deal about a baptism. I think the only one on my behalf was actually a christening one, when I was a baby. We didn’t do anything like that with the kids, because we didn’t want to force a religious choice onto them. I didn’t get baptized (by choice) until I was a teenager. That involved telling people by phone, that if they wanted to witness it, they could. It was always orally.

So, that makes me wonder, though. Are we in a majority or a minority lately, with not taking our children to a church? Personally, I have yet to find one that I’m comfortable with. The one I went to in Indiana is no longer the same church. The pastor I loved retired. The music minister I adored was let go. They also really screwed with the youth program. Its just not the same church that I knew and trusted.

Then, when I lived in Florida, I was “a part of” one of the most hypocritical churches I have ever seen in my life, minus the Phelps clan here in Topeka (do not even get me started on those psychos … I’m all for free speech but they infringe on other’s personal rights when it comes to funerals and that pisses me the hell off). They picked and chose which pieces of the Bible they were going to follow to the letter, and which they were going to twist to their own views. My Indiana church did not look down at you if you were not perfect, because no one ever was, minus Christ. The Florida church? They thought they could dress up their church with a nice music program, and then hate everyone and everything. I’m of the mind “Hate the sin, not the sinner”. This church was “Hate the sin, harass the sinner”.

I’ve yet to find a church in which I feel comfortable. Most of them would have a problem with mine and Josh’s relationship, since we’re technically not married, at least in the eyes of the church. We do not have that piece of paper that claims we are. We are legally married though. I could legally change my name, without a problem. We are common law. But, a lot of churches would have a problem with that. Personally, I can’t get into the idea of someone telling me what to think and what to believe. Too many churches do that. I’m too much like my dad: I’m hard-headed, strong of heart and have a brain of my own.

Photostory Friday

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Smilie Boy
See my awesome ladybug purse? It has my water bottle, my cellphone, my camera (okay, it’s case, since the camera was obv in my hands, LOL).

Ethan and I took a walk yesterday. I was exhausted by the end of it, but it was so worth it. I loved spending that time with him outside and I think he did too.
The temps in Kansas are becoming tolerable. We actually had to turn the AC on yesterday. It hit 85 degrees!! 85 in MARCH! The record was 83. Yeah, we broke that.
Today’s high is supposed to be 69 [I hate that temp reading, XD]. I think it’ll get higher than that. EEPS. Tomorrow we’re expecting storms. Might be a good time for me to check out annuities explanations since I have no freaking clue what that means.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods.

Life’s Not Always Beautiful

Theme: Beautiful

Okay, I took the theme literally, and made a video of things I find beautiful, or things that make me beautiful :lol:. Any explanations will be given upon request 🙂 Oh!! And it sucks because Windows Movie Maker kept locking up on me when I tried to add transitions and credits/inserts and things. 🙁


On The Hunt

Okay, I’ve always had problems finding the right sunglasses for me. I’m pretty much, for now, required to have one with prescription lenses, and man, at times, it really sucks.

I never know which brand to get, what type to look for. Then you get all the options that come with sunglasses. Polarization and UV Protection, those are the only options I even understand, courtesy of Josh and a lovely woman at Walmart explaining it to me.

Have you ever gone “where do I start?” when it comes to buying sunglasses? If so, I suggest ShopWiki. It’s Google for shoppers, I’m telling you. Plenty of links and information when it comes to what type of sunglasses you want, specific styles, and easy to understand definitions and explanations of options available without trying to sell it to you.