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Catching a Ride on the Struggle Bus

Ugh. Some days, it’s hard to stay focused on what needs to be done.

I was so excited, yes, I mean excited, to do today’s workout. Then after dealing with people everywhere on my way home. On the road. At the light. In the store. At home.

I was ready to just kill someone. Then I sat down. Really sat down.

And fell asleep.

I haven’t been sleeping. At all.

So, I’m going to sleep.

I have to work tomorrow at 6a. I work all mornings except for Sunday, when I’m off.

Sat: 6a
Sun: Off
Mon/Tues: 645a
Wed: 630a
Thurs: 6a
Fri: 1145a


I need a nap.

I’m oging to bed.

Not a Theme

So, today I got a whopping 1 hour and 54 minutes of sleep.

That means I’m exhausted already.

Then I went to work. Supposed to have the “easier” job of not having to run the floors.

Coworker called in. Nope, I’m on the floors.

I did a Starbucks White Chocolate Double Shot Expresso can.

Still can barely keep my eyes open.

Only thing keeping me from falling asleep where I sit is that my contacts are still in.