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Today, no workout happened. Just couldn’t fall asleep. I had to work at 6am and, woo! It was a little stressful!

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1 August, 2017 · 9:03 pm

So Tired…






When you’re too tired to even think…

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18 May, 2016 · 9:33 pm

Sleep Is Needed


I am beyond exhausted and I don’t even know why. I came home from work, so tired I was dizzy. Not fun at all. Did not like that.
So right now, I’m lounging in bed, planning out my week, and taking it easy.
Hopefully I feel better in the morning.

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3 April, 2016 · 9:44 pm

Not a Theme

So, today I got a whopping 1 hour and 54 minutes of sleep.

That means I’m exhausted already.

Then I went to work. Supposed to have the “easier” job of not having to run the floors.

Coworker called in. Nope, I’m on the floors.

I did a Starbucks White Chocolate Double Shot Expresso can.

Still can barely keep my eyes open.

Only thing keeping me from falling asleep where I sit is that my contacts are still in.

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5 January, 2016 · 8:39 pm

Time to Veg


It’s been a busy few days, and this is literally all I want to do. Look at pretty phone cases that double as wallets (this will come in handy for my concert next week), and just veg a little.

In a 2-week period, I’ve had 64.25 hours. That’s a lot of hours. Especially when I’m only technically supposed to get around 40 in the two weeks. CRAZINESS!

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