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Project Life, Madison, and Josh … Oh My!

My handsome hubby and a gorgeous sky shot (gorgeous IMO) 😀
Template: It’s A Cut by LissyKay Designs
Kit: Starting Anew by Aprilisa Designs

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Hybrid and P365

Kit: Memories In The Making – November Baker’s Dozen by the BS designers
Template: Place Card and Napkin Ring by WendyBird Designs

Created for the Brownie Scraps Hybrid challenge I Wendy’s designs
I have a little sneak peek of information for you: If you want to make Hybrid Christmas ornaments, keep an eye out for WendyBird Designs She’s got some cooking up for you!! Stock up on that ink now

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Oooh, Layouts and Fun Times!

Kit: Picture Perfect by HK Designs
Calendar: Acrylic 2010 Calendars by Kathy Winters Designs

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Humidity is KILLER

Ugh! We’re having dew points in the mid-70s, which means seriously muggy temps here. Its even WORSE after it rains. My body so doesn’t like it. My joints all ache. 🙁 Heck, I can’t even sit at the computer for long before my shoulder, which got screwed up from 6 hours with no break working at Walmart, starts to burn, literally. It feels like its on fire under the skin, around the shoulder blade. Ouch and ugh!

But I have gotten some scrap pages done!

Background: Felt Flowers
Flowers: You’ve Got a Friend in Me
DOTW and date tags: Everyday Bliss
Love and Heart Ribbon Frame: Everyday Bliss: February
rainbow swirl and bear: Snuggle Rainbow
Sequin Flower: A New Love
Special Moments square: Everyday Moments

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Layouts and a Picture

First off, Madi got a hair cut!! Finally! It looks SO cute, IMO. She wanted it a lot shorter, but neither Josh or I were completely cool with that. Nope, must be ponytail length. It looks a little funky now, because one side curls more than the other, so it looks all lopsided. It should get better. She loves it though!

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