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30 Days of Lists – Days 01-03

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I’m a late starter on this! I have the pictures, but I’m going to also write them out, because the pictures aren’t perfect!

List 1 Add Magic
01: Make My Life Magical

  1. Smile and Laugh more
  2. Dream big!
  3. Be colorful, even if it’s just with my pens!
  4. Color with crayons, with my children
  5. Soak in the bath for more than just itchy skin relief

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Madi and Patchie, in front of a tree, in the yard of my parents.

May 2013 Ipsy Bag

My May 2013 Ipsy bag!

Review: Once Upon a Knight

Once Upon a KnightOnce Upon a Knight by Jackie Ivie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read a previous novel by Ms. Ivie. Irony with that is that I found out my best friend had started the same book (the previous novel, not this one).

Anyways, it starts with a poor shaken frog. It just gets better and better.
There’s a revenge plot, bastards (literally), and more.
It’s entertaining, it’s sweet, and it’s just great.

Oh, and did I mention guys in kilts?

Note: there is a dwarf, and he is slightly mocked, but he’s also a bastard, in the figurative sense, so, honestly, he’s just a prick.

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Smile, You’re Happy

I found an easy way to make my kids happy: I bought them happy meals this afternoon for lunch. I had to get gas in the truck. I haven’t gotten it since June 10, so I’m not going to even consider complaining that I spent less than $40 in gas on an 01 Trailblazer, which is an SUV. Nope, that’s not bad at all. I’m only getting about 16mpg, but I’m doing mostly city driving now. The car is our “long haul” trip vehicle, unless we have to TAKE something, and then it’s the Trailblazer.

So, going to McDonald’s, I saved us some money. If I had gone to Walmart, I wouldn’t have just gotten lunch. No I would have ended up with a bunch of other junk, crap that we don’t need. So, for less than $15, we all three got a lunch that made us full.

And I got to make my children smile with a minimum of fuss. So, priceless!