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It’s a Sad Day in My Home

205/366 [2012] - Good-bye Old Friend by TM2TS
205/366 [2012] – Good-bye Old Friend, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

You got wet, I’m sad to say.
You won’t start up now.
You were so loved, and I cried when I said goodbye.
I love you, and it breaks my heart that I have to replace you.
Kindle DX, you will always be my first ebook reader, forever on my mind.
I’m not happy that I have to replace you with the Kindle Fire, but I have to.
I’d rather have you still working though.

T13 – 59th Edition

Books in My eBook Reader (Adobe Digital Editions)

  1. The Westmorelands Books 11-15 – Brenda Jackson
  2. Carly Phillips’s Simply Series Bundle – a complete collections of Carly Phillips’s Simply series
  3. Hot Property – Carly Phillips
  4. Bought by the Billionaire Prince – Carol Marinelli
  5. When the Sun Goes Down… – Crystal Green
  6. Boss Man – Diana Palmer
  7. Carrera’s Bride – Diana Palmer
  8. Lawman – Diana Palmer
  9. Man of the Hour – Diana Palmer
  10. Undressed – Heather McCallister
  11. 24 Hours Bundle – a collection of 3 Harlequin Blaze novels
  12. The Viking’s Defiant Bride – Joanna Fulford
  13. After Hours Bundle – a collection of 3 Harlequin Blaze novels

And I do have one on my phone: Shannon by Kristin Pedersen

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