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This Week in Happy

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Boring. Cold. Life. But still happy! I’m a little too amused by this. “Authentic Weather” is the app and it’s hilarious sometimes!

Work-Out Completed


That’s my schedule Smile I’m proud of myself! I’ve completed almost a whole week. For me? That’s a big thing. I also haven’t killed myself by overdoing it. Yeah, I’ve done a couple double work-outs, but I didn’t go too crazy with it.

I’ve learned my lessons with that!

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Get a Move On

A Twitter user and I were discussing working out and losing weight. One thing neither of us discussed is diet pills that work. Why? Because we want to lose weight the right way: with diet and exercise.

Well, okay, I want to lose it with exercise. I don’t wanna change my diet. It’s not like I eat badly or anything. Yeah, I eat a lot of sweets and things, but I do eat proteins and carbs, and the stuff my body needs 🙂

So, tomorrow, I’m going to try and get my Wii EA Sports Active 2 on again. We’ll see how long it lasts, but I sleep better and more soundly when I’ve worked out. Oh, and I tend to feel better!!

Week 3-ish Update for Working Out

Monday, August 10:
20:59 for 99.3 calories
31:44 for 104.9 calories
Tuesday, August 11:
I took the day off. Ankle was throbbing.
Wednesday, August 12:
23:19 for 99.0 calories
38:27 for 149.8 calories
Thursday, August 13:
17:46 for 65.8 calories
11:17 for 39.6 calories
Friday, August 14:
I didn’t work out. I don’t know what I did, but my other ankle throbbed.
Saturday, August 15:
I didn’t work out again. Julie came over early, and then Josh played Madden 2010 after she left, :lol:.
Sunday, August 16:
45 minutes or so at the gym. Didn’t log exact calories (phone battery was just completely made of fail) but at least 175 calories but I’m sure it was more.
10:12 for 36.6 calories (to make sure my legs weren’t gonna fall off, :lmao:)
28:08 for 136.6 calories
Monday, August 17:
19:02 for 86.6 calories
25:28 for 108.7 calories
According to EA Active, since 07/26 (when I got EA Active), I worked out for over 10 hours (for me, that’s awesome), and burned over 2500 calories! I’m seriously loving this game.

Tomorrow I’m going to die though. Squat holds. I can do them when I’m not under pressure, but as soon as you put that clock on me, I lose my focus and screw up. I’m hoping the MP3 player will help me with that. It’s been helping with the running, that’s for sure.

Okay, shutting up now, 😆

Work-Out Updates

Gah! This didn’t post when it was supposed to! *grumble*

Okay, starting Sunday (so, only 2 days so far):

First, @ :
0:23:36 for a calorie burn of 103.4

Then @ home (30-day Challenge, day 08, work-out 06):
0:24:58 for a calorie burn of 110.6

Yesterday was rest day, and trust me, I took advantage of that, Hee hee

Today, I’ve only done one work-out so far, but I plan on doing at least one more mainly cardio:
0:25:07 for a calorie burn of 121.0

Okay, finished #2 @ 12:23pm:
0:31:34 for a calorie burn of 129.9

Good lord, no wonder I’m starving. I’ve burned almost 251 calories and I haven’t eaten ANYTHING. I’ve chewed 3 pieces of gum, and drank half a water bottle (that explains the headache starting right there).

I gotta say that Linkin Park is one HELL of an inspiration for working out!!