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Nothing But Rain

That’s all we’re supposed to get tomorrow. A field trip had to be rescheduled. Someone over here is dealing with a wicked headache that’s aching in the jaw all the way up to the top of her skull.


At least I have hair that’s fun.

It’s not perfect, but HOLY CRAP! It’s purple 😀 I like it! The color I used is Splat Rebellious Colors Lusty Lavender 1 Kit. Next time, I won’t bleach my hair, because HOLY CRAP, I looked scary weird! Also, next time, I’m going to probably try this color: Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Coloring Complete Kit Purple Desire. But I’m still happy with my hair.

What the Hell? Really?

Josh has been on vacation. That’s why I’ve been quiet. I’ve gone somewhere every single day since Saturday. I’m exhausted!
He and Ethan go to Omaha on Friday. They’re going to leave about noon, to meet the Pack at 6:45pm. He’s wanting to be on the safe side, 😆 He won’t be back until late evening on Saturday.
Madi and I will be having a Girl’s Weekend. Pizza, Ice Cream, and booze. Okay, Root Beer Floats. Unless I find the Bud Margaritas. I want to try those!

Saturday, Ethan made it on TV 😀 Actually on the TV 😀

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Photo Hunt: Informative



Taking precautions, reading the information and directions. Time to get my dye on.

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I’m no longer blonde

I can no longer have blonde moments. I dyed my hair today. It’s now “Chocolate Velvet” courtesy of Herbal Essences. I think it looks faboo!

I also took some pictures of Josh and I:
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