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Goodness gracious, Great Balls, A FIRE!

Yeah, that’s right. A FIRE. Remember I was just bitching about fireworks?

Well, a fire was started, in the dumpster outside our bedroom window. Guess what caused it. Come on, make a tiny guess!! It’s an easy one, I promise.

That’s right, FIREWORKS. God forbid someone pay attention to the RULES: No dumpsters, no drains, not in front of buildings, not near cars O.o How hard is that to follow.

I guess it’s really hard, since when we got back from Josh’s dad’s today, one apartment was doing them right under the overhang of a set of garages, one was doing them right in the parking lot (you know, with CARS around), and one was doing them right in front of the mailboxes. You know, with MAIL. God damn people. Use the brains you were supposed to have been blessed with.

Winner(s) will be announced tomorrow, XD. I had 4 participants. 3 tied with 2, and one flew by with 3, so I’ll give little prizes to those who only had 2, because y’all did really well!!