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Wordless Wednesday

Marry Me, Please

Yeah, not the question I’m going to hear tomorrow. Thankfully, not the one I want to hear tomorrow, :lol:. Josh is my husband, in all ways that matter, including legal, according to statutes in Kansas. I don’t give a flying fig what anyone else thinks or says. I’m married to him, he’s the love of my life, the father of my kids, the only one for me. I vow before all of the blogging world, his is mine, so back off, :lol:. So, no Vegas vacations for me anytime soon. That won’t be how we spend May 18th through the 23rd or June 8th through the 13th (Josh’s two weeks of vacation … week 1 is spent as Madi’s last week of school and preparing for a week at my parents, the 2nd week of vacation).

I’d still love to go to Vegas though. I want to see where CSI takes place. I want to see where Las Vegas takes place (*drool* Josh Duhamel). Oooh, speaking of Josh Duhamel, trailers of Revenge of the Fallen looks bad ass!! If you see the new Friday the Thirteenth, you’ll see the trailer. I’m jealous of those who have the guts to see that movie, :lol:.


My brain is on overdrive today. Way on overdrive. I have no idea what’s going on. I think it’s one of the reasons I texted Josh with “Can I has bubble bath plz”, :lol:.

I have 24 tags to make by Sunday. Please kill me. I want to start my prosperity challenge, so I gotta do that (got the families made, just not moved in). I want to watch the two movies Josh got me (The Notebook [seen it on TV, not DVD] and Atonement [love me some Keira Knightly]). I want to get my DS charged up (that requires me to go down to the truck and grab it, :lol:). I’ve already been informed of my Christmas present from Josh, so I need my DS 😉

Please, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF. Oh well. Josh just picked me up some Honey Vanilla bath beads by Calgon. drool

Now, I think I need to work on those tags 😉