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Long Time, No Blog

Ugh, dealing with a headache right now.
Or it might be a migraine, since it’s lasted longer than a day.


This was before I went for a 2 mile walk! With a friend. Around the lake. We went Pokemon hunting.

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May the Odds Ever Be In Your Favor

231/366 [2012] - May the Odds

I have been quiet, yes. I’ve been watching The Hunger Games, the first movie. It came with a WONDERFUL mockingjay pendant. It might not be on 10k gold chains, but I will tell you something. I’m totally in love with this pendant. I love it. SO MUCH! I think it would even be appropriate for RenFest, but that might just be me Open-mouthed smile

Otherwise, there hasn’t been too much going on. Back to school. Migraines from the weather. Weird drama on Facebook involving family.

All in all, normal normal Open-mouthed smile