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Short and Sweet

So I made the decision I’m trying to get back into blogging again daily, so here’s to Day 02! This one will be short and sweet because I have a lot of work that I need to do. We have some wicked storms coming ugh, but here’s some pics from when we went to let our friends’ dog out to play for a bit (they’re out of town)

Jack, my friend's dog

Jack, my friend’s dog

Jack was very excited to get to see people, I think. More than anything. He stopped and posed for a few shots. 😀

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My August has already been pretty busy! This past week, I’ve been getting up earlier than I usually do the week before school starts to let this little monster out while his human parents are in Kentucky.

Seriously, he’s lucky he’s cute, because I am so not a morning person, and I HATE driving in town in any sort of fashion and I’ve been doing it every day.

He is cute though. And a total sweetheart. Very well-behaved. If he had a longer coat, I’d be wanting one of my own (sorry, but I love the fluffer dogs ;))


She’s a Good Dog


This is my FIL’s dog, Suzie. Pooper. Suzie Q. Adorable.

I’m attached to this dog. She’s getting up there in age. She’s a couple of years older than Ethan, in human years, so it’s unsurprising that we’re counting down our time with her.

I love this dog. I could love on her all day long. She was struggling a bit and I kept her company on the walk. I think she appreciated it. Every time I’d rub her and encourage her, she’d trot a little more, get a little more speed. Some pep in her step, so to speak. She’s not seeing too well, and she’s not hearing that great, but she can feel the love in the pets.

Puppy Cuddles


Hunter cuddling with Patchie in the cab of Josh’s old Sonoma.

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff

She smells something. It catches her nose. She is onto the scent. Her hair stands on end as she maybe recognizes the scent.
Her little tail wags. No, it isn’t something she recognizes. It’s a new scent and she’s intrigued.
Her white fur, dotted with dirt from that fun romp into the grass, practically vibrated. She was known for her energy. She could wear out an overactive toddler.
The smell, though, it seemed have her intrigued. What was that smell?
She jumps as a loud sound is heard above. She loves around. What was that sound that she heard?