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How Is It Almost June?


Yeah, I’m going back to a bullet journal Surprised smile Yeah, I don’t know. I need more flexibility and sometimes I need some dailies, without having to add more to the current planner. I love how this cover page came out, as well. I used a kit from Aimee Harrison Designs.

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In Which I Agree with a Video … and I deal with a sick kid

First, I want to comment on this:

Some people have been throwing a shit fit over the simple fact that he used a gun. He was calm. He was cool. He was collected. It was obvious that he was frustrated, but this wasn’t really done out of spite. It was a lesson, plain and simple. His daughter was not even home when it happened. And, if you pay attention, the mother of the child was also involved in the decision on what was happening, because she asked for one shot for her.

I grew up with a father who would have done the same thing. There is no requirement in life that a teenager needs a cellphone, a laptop, an MP3 player, anything. Clothes are their back, food in their bellies, and a roof over their head. That’s all you’re legally required to give.

This girl decided she deserved more. For doing things MOST parents require their kids to do and follow. She’s fifteen, going on sixteen. Time to learn some responsibility.

Now, for the sick kid: ETHAN!


Ethan got some major ear pain last night. That was all he could “talk” about was how bad his ear hurt. So, we gave him some Tylenol and some Hyland’s ear drops, and told him we’d see how he was in the morning. Well, he woke up a few times going “Ow, ow, ow,” which completely and totally broke my heart. Then I’d hear him take a few calming breaths and fall back asleep, just like we taught him to do. I’m so proud of how amazing he is. He’s just awesome.

This morning, he actually requested going to the doctor. That’s how I knew he was sick. He didn’t want to go to school. He cried last night when we told him he wouldn’t be going. So, that was a sure sign.

The nurse that saw him said that he was definitely in pain. She could see it when she looked in his ear. He had some serious drainage going on. Those were her words “Serious drainage” Which makes me feel like crap, but if he doesn’t tell us until it hurts so bad he can’t stand it, I can’t make it better. He’s doing SO Much better today. Keeping him dosed up on the Tylenol. Exactly as we’re supposed to. He’s all happy because he got a lunchables for lunch, and he got to pick out a toy. I also picked up some big coloring books, but that’s because tomorrow he’s going to be stuck watching while the Daisies make sit-upons. Open-mouthed smile

She Be Well

Madison had a doctor’s appointment to get that foot checked. Apparently she’s healing like a champ and doing a wonderful job of taking care of it. Because, you know, we’ve pretty much left it to her. Bad parents, right? I’ll be honest. I only remember that she’s injured when she whines. She’s way too much like her daddy in that aspect. Josh never complains either! Yeah, totally not me. Okay, with the ankle, I got TIRED of not being able to move, and I think I screwed it up more when I did that. Hell, I told Josh I wish I’d re-injure it so I can get it truly fixed. Scary, right?

Anyways. This shot shown? The ONLY semi-decent shot I got. I’m always a shaky mess when I end up at the kids’ doctors’ office. Why? I have no freaking clue. They’re all amazing, and awesome. Yet, I’m a nervous wreck. Maybe that’s why the kids are so calm all the time. I’m the nervous wreck and I zap all of that energy so they never feel it.

That’s what I tell myself at least.

Oh What a Week It’ll Be

DSC05755Today: No big plans. Just attempting to stay warm 😉

Tuesday: First day of March. That means 16 days until my baby turns 6. Excuse me while I find a corner to cry in Sad smile

Wednesday: again, no MAJOR plans.

Thursday: at 10am, I have an appointment for my VISION exam. Oh yes! FINALLY! Then, I’m going to see if I can get some new glasses, and find out if I can have the lenses in my current glasses replaced as well. Nothing big on them, just the basic standard. Not even worrying about non-scratch Smile

Friday: once again … what plans?

Saturday is Brownies for Madi, *and* my FIL’s birthday. He’ll be 52 this year, I do believe.

Sunday is Josh’s ONLY day off Surprised smile. I again, have no major plans, but we will have to do some grocery shopping. Learned from YESTERDAY that EARLY shopping is key. Or else NOTHING is stocked Winking smile

So, what are your plans for the week?


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m on the hunt for a local primary care provider here in Topeka. I had one in Holton, who has since moved to Topeka, and I literally drive by his office anytime we leave the apartment, unless we’re going to Madi’s school. I do not like him though. He treated me like a moron who didn’t know her own body when I told him there was something lodged in my ribs while I was pregnant. He still didn’t believe me after Ethan was born, and there was a rib-shaped imprint in his foot (which he still bears to this day). He also brushed off concerns that other members of Josh’s family (Jamie and Kathy), which could have prevented many things, in our opinion.

I’ve never been one to actually want to see a doctor, but I’m tired of living in pain with my digestive system. I’m tired of one time thinking I figured out what caused the problem, and then cutting it out. And adding it back a few months later, being fine, only to have it start up all over again. I’m tired of being jumpy and jittery and never being able to sleep because my brain won’t shut up.

I’m just tired of not feeling like myself. I’m just tired of feeling like someone else is living my life and that I’m living in a fog.

I’m just tired of lying to myself and saying that everything is fine and that nothing is wrong.