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Week 02: Project Life

Nope, no currentlys. I fell behind.

No, I’ll be honest. I just didn’t feel like doing them this week. I don’t know. I just felt like I was doing the same thing, every single day. Pretty freaking boring. Even the books didn’t seem to be changing.

So, I’ll just do them when I feel like things are changing. If I have to, I’ll find another use for Tuesdays. For today, it’ll be last week’s Project Life page. Next week will have a few pages, because Sunday was Pinewood Derby and Weblos I Den Bonfire and it was wonderful! Deserves a full spread!

So it was a bit of a selfie type week, and very planner centric, but it was a good week. I also have a niece to spoil. My nephew is harder because he’s into stuff that basically needs to be purchased there (because shipping is hella stupid expensive), but newborn baby girls? Clothes and bows and things like that are super easy to cram into “if it fits, it ships” box 😀 And I can FIT a metric crapton too!

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Weekly Winners: On Hold

329/365 {2011} - NaNoWriMo Continues!

I’ll post all the weeks that I’ve missed, I promise, so it’ll be a HUGE HUGE amount (Nov 06-Dec. 03 will be the days, so three weeks worth?)

The reason is NaNoWriMo. It’s not that it’s kicking my ass, it’s just that I’m focusing on that.

See ya then with them!

NaNoWriMo prep

NaNoWriMo prep this bus wait by TM2TS
NaNoWriMo prep this bus wait, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

I’ve started the major NaNoWriMo prep this week. Started on Thursday, technically. Josh helped me figure out how my main character ends up in the DnD world 😀

Then yesterday, I started fleshing out the characters, both in the “Earth world” and the “DnD world”. I’m honestly having so much more fun with this than I did before. I think a big chunk of the reason is simply because I get to be more creative with this. I don’t have to go “Yeah, can’t happen.” Nope, now I’m going to be able to go “Yeah, CAN happen!” 😀 I like that! I enjoy that creativeness.

Some Info On Me & Reads


Okay, first:

Name: Sarah
DOB: Dec. 08, 1981
Location: Topeka, KS
Birthplace: Evansville, IN
Favorite color: Lavender
Favorite Number: 13
Religion: Christian, with other beliefs
Favorite Past-time: Reading
Anniversary: Sept. 16, 2001

What I like to read:

  • Romance
  • Fantasy Romance
  • Historical romance
  • Did I mention romance?

My husband is working on getting me to read some more into the DnD world, especially since I want to do a NaNo based on that genre. He has a few, so I will probably at some point. Hey, more to review, right?

What I read on:

  • Kindle DX (won through Swagbucks)
  • HTC Surround, with Kindle App (received via BzzAgent)
  • ACTUAL books. I have a huge amount, ones I re-read over and over 😀
  • I want a Nook SO badly, simply because I can turn it into a tablet so easily. 😀
If there’s anything else, just ask.
Any suggestions, just let me hear 😀


Finally, it is mine!

I mentioned before that I’m going to do NaNoWriMo using a DnD based world. Well, I’ve done a bit of research into the Silver Marches area, part of the Faerun world. Seriously, it just ROCKS so hardcore! I get to include a Tressym if I so desire!

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