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WITL: Wednesday


So I’m posting this a lot later than I’d planned but I had a busy day today. I’ll explain it all tomorrow, but let me just say … it was busy!

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Camera And Fun

If you’re needing some good camera gear, check out this site!

Seriously! I found a rubber case housing for my DSLR on it, and wow, it looks really good!


I’m also a sucker for a really cute camera bag, and there are a few that are pink. Um, yes, please!?!

Seriously, though, if you’re a camper or even slightly obsessed with photography, check out this site! I’m not a camper, per se, but I do love to hang out outdoors. I’m just a bit of a priss and love to sleep in my own bed rather than on the ground. Call me a princess, but it’s the truth!

I’m not a fisher, but there are some great things for that, as well. Me? I prefer my fish to come from the grocery store.

No, I’m kidding at that. I love fresh fish. I just don’t enjoy sitting around waiting for a bite, :lol:. I miss having fresh fish though. I had it a lot when I lived in Florida as a child.

Laundry is a Pain

I’m a huge fan of taking photos of the every day. Things you see all the time but never really think about.

The washer filling up with water is a big favorite of mine.


I hate doing laundry, but sometimes, to make it less of a dread, I’ll pull out my dSLR and take some pictures of the water filling up the tub. It’s a relaxing sort of feeling.

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