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Recent Layouts

I finished these awhile ago, but I’m just now getting to upload them. I still need to upload them other places, and I still have a couple layouts to do for Kentucky, but I love how the layouts themselves turned out!

If you want to see more pictures, check out the video I made:

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Out With the Old …


Template: Warm and Cozy by Unforgettable Moments
Out With The Old Word Art by Creations by Julie
You are a Gem – January by Marie H Designs

I plan on getting a new laptop in 2012. The current laptop, we got it in 2008. So, four years. It’s still running amazing, I’m just needing an upgrade. Windows 32-bit is just not cutting it. 250 gig hard drive doesn’t quite make out. Two gigs of RAM is killing me. I’m excited! We’re probably going to have to order a custom one, from either Dell or HP (probably HP), so that I don’t get stuck with an INTEL POS graphics card! Wish me luck!

Gotta Get Cracking!

I have six days left in the month of April, and I have lots to do:

  1. Speed scrap @ 3pm @ Gingerscraps – 4/24
  2. Speed scrap @ 8pm @ Digi Scrap Mania – 4/24
  3. Speed scrap @ 9pm @ Digi Scrap Mania – 4/25
  4. Speed scrap @ 9pm @ Digi Scrap Mania – 4/27
  5. Speed scrap @ 9pm @ Gingerscraps – 4/27
  6. Speed scrap @ 8pm @ Digi Scrap Mania – 4/29
  7. Word Lovers Challenge @ Gingerscraps
  8. Pop Culture challenge @ Gingerscraps (there were two)
  9. A-Z Challenge [E] @ Gingerscraps
  10. Inspiration challenge @ Gingerscraps
  11. Scraplift @ Digi Scrap Mania
  12. Scrap this way @ Digi Scrap Mania
  13. font challenge @ Digi Scrap Mania
  14. Embellishment challenge @ Digi Scrap Mania
  15. lyric challenge @ Digi Scrap Mania
  16. calendar challenge @ Digi Scrap Mania
  17. ABC challenge @ Digi Scrap Mania
  18. Kit of the month challenge @ Digi Scrap Mania
  19. One Ingredient at a Time challenge @ Brownie Scraps
  20. Cherry on Top challenge @ Brownie Scraps
  21. Double Choco Chunk challenge @ Brownie Scraps
  22. ABC challenge @ Brownie Scraps
  23. Inspiration challenge @ Brownie Scraps
  24. Brownie Flip challenge @ Brownie Scraps
  25. Technique challenge @ Brownie Scraps

Oh wow! I’m gonna be wiped. And don’t even get me started on how May is going to go. At least TWO forums are going to be having special challenges, and DAILY speed scraps to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month.

Can we say “dead”?

My Boy

My Boy, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

Speed Scrap: March 03, 2009
Monthly Kit Challenge: March 09
Kit: Gingerscraps
Pictures: Me and Ethan
Forum: Digi Scrapbook Mania

Digi Scrapping

I’m going to be starting to digi-scrap. Why? Because I need something to help boost my creativity. Something to keep me motivated to do things, XD.

So, are you a digi-scrapper? Know of places where I can get free or cheap sets? Come on, come out of the woodwork!!

Oh, and blame Katy for it all. It’s all her fault, I swear!