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Save Me

from my own digestive system. Ugh! I ended up buying an OTC probiotic, to try and get my IBS under control. I was looking into apidexin reviews, not for any real purpose, and yeah, looks like it’s similar to the Jillian Michael’s stuff, which means I couldn’t use it, even if I wanted to. Good news is that the OTC probiotics, which is basically the same thing as in the yogurts and things, without the icky yogurt taste, WORKS so far on me. Then again, I have to pop a GasX when I do it as well, :lol:.

Anyone else have that problem?


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m on the hunt for a local primary care provider here in Topeka. I had one in Holton, who has since moved to Topeka, and I literally drive by his office anytime we leave the apartment, unless we’re going to Madi’s school. I do not like him though. He treated me like a moron who didn’t know her own body when I told him there was something lodged in my ribs while I was pregnant. He still didn’t believe me after Ethan was born, and there was a rib-shaped imprint in his foot (which he still bears to this day). He also brushed off concerns that other members of Josh’s family (Jamie and Kathy), which could have prevented many things, in our opinion.

I’ve never been one to actually want to see a doctor, but I’m tired of living in pain with my digestive system. I’m tired of one time thinking I figured out what caused the problem, and then cutting it out. And adding it back a few months later, being fine, only to have it start up all over again. I’m tired of being jumpy and jittery and never being able to sleep because my brain won’t shut up.

I’m just tired of not feeling like myself. I’m just tired of feeling like someone else is living my life and that I’m living in a fog.

I’m just tired of lying to myself and saying that everything is fine and that nothing is wrong.

Tuesday’s To Do List

Can you believe it’s already Tuesday? Can you believe I have about my half of my to do list completed? Oye! I can’t either. I just turned the laptop on about a half hour ago!! I’m so proud!!
Now, I’m going to relax for a bit. Digestive system, courtesy of IBS, is all kinds of fucked up 🙁
Wanna trade?

Ugh! I seriously feel like crap right now.
And excuse me while I go giggle stupidly at “puke breath”, courtesy of Las Vegas, XD

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

  • Post a post
    What does it look like I’m doing?
  • Take a picture
  • You know I gotta do some laundry
    Not gonna mark this off but I started a load 🙂
  • Attempt to clean the bathroom
    Got the kids’ done!! w00t
  • Work out with Maya
    15 minutes of legs and I had to whine at her that it was too easy!! Knee brace really helped!!