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It’s Just a Day Away


Nothing really is happening. Just working on getting myself into better shape. Ugh. I feel like a failure even though I did work out today, yesterday, and Thursday, which was when I made the commitment to do it.
But I went over on calories today. I was Moody and hungry, so I ate some Oreos. I don’t regret the Oreos, just wish I would have just had something with less calories. I have Cookies and Cream Special K cookie wafer things that are amazing. I could have had those. Nope, I splurged on the Rice Krispie Treat Oreos.

I Can See Clearly Now

The Scale

Six years ago, I was dreaming of the day when I could look at maternity clothing and go “Ha ha, I no longer need you.” because I would no longer feel fat, and that I would no longer feel that my clothes were too tight.

Six years ago, I was looking at the scale going “I’m never going to see a small number on the scale.”

Today, I proved myself wrong. Today is the second week, maybe third week that I have seen under 125 on the scale (ignore the picture, it’s not recent). My big goal is to be between 115 and 120. I’m going to do it!

The best part? I’m not having to cut major things out of my diet! I’m doing it by just eating smaller amounts, and smarter amounts!

That, and stress is a great weight loss tool, apparently.

The Right Way

There are no guaranteed diets that work. The rule of thumb is regular exercise and an intelligent diet, but event that isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes, you have to add something. Sometimes you have to take something away.

Personally, I’m more concerned with being healthy than being “in shape” or “thin”. I’m never going to be “thin”. I’ve had two kids, and I don’t have the genes for it, unless I work out like a maniac every day for several hours. Just so not me. For what purpose? So I can get approval from those who don’t really even matter? My husband loves me the way I am. My family, as well. And my friends.

So, if you’re doing it to get approval, no diet is really going to work. No diet is going to give you that self-esteem that you need.