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Change: 2019 Word of the Year



transitive verb

1a : to make different in some particular : alter never bothered to change the will

b : to make radically different : transform can’t change human nature

c : to give a different position, course, or direction to changed his residence from Ohio to California

2a : to replace with another let’s change the subject

b : to make a shift from one to another : switch always changes sides in an argument

c : to exchange for an equivalent sum of money (as in smaller denominations or in a foreign currency) change a 20-dollar bill

d : to undergo a modification of foliage 

e : to put fresh clothes or covering on change a bed

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Thirteen Things To Blog About

Each week, I’ll do a different theme with Thursday Thirteen, just for this blog. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section 🙂

This week’s theme is 13 ideas for things to blog about 🙂
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