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The Week Totals

Though the day isn’t quite over, I’m literally falling asleep sitting up πŸ˜† so I’m going to share how the week has gone so far:


My feet hurt SO BAD after this but DAMN! I’m proud of it! πŸ˜€

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3 July, 2015 · 10:29 pm

30 Days of Lists {Sept 24}

S14 List Header 24

  1. Sherrilyn Kenyon
  2. J.R. Ward
  3. Maya Banks
  4. Susan Mallery
  5. Lori Foster
  6. Bella Andre
  7. Diana Palmer

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24 September, 2014 · 11:41 am

Review: MacGregor’s Grooms: MacGregors

MacGregor’s Grooms: MacGregors by Nora Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You’re up to it again, and we love it.
I, of course, can’t choose a favorite. I’ts impossible for me to do so.
Though, I really do love D.C. He’s big, like Daniel, and it scares him, but he’s not terrified like Evan, in Diana Palmer‘s Long Tall Texans series. I love it.
I like the idea of a man lifting me and throwing me over his shoulder because he’s so frustrated. Hey, it’s a feeling, right?

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Review: The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck

I got the chance to review The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck: A Novel. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. I’ve never read the other before. I’m a fan of historical romances, so it’s not like it was a huge hardship or anything, though. I’m always willing to give another author a chance.

I’m glad I did, honestly. I really enjoyed the novel.Β Kathleen Y’Barbo has a style similar to Diana Palmer. Considering my slight obsession with Ms. Palmer, that’s a total compliment.

Apparently, I missed the first two books in the series (or more), but the novel will truly stand on it’s own. I didn’t feel lost or confused when I read it. I actually am glad that I read it, truly.

I will admit that there were parts where it dragged for me, but honestly, what novel doesn’t have a spot that drags? The writing was spectacular enough in the other areas to make me push through and I was richly rewarded each time.

The novel is split into two time periods. One where the female, Charlotte, and the male, Alex first meet, and a short time, and then the next is four years later.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but truly, give it a chance, especially if you like historical romances. It’s worth it, in my opinion.

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Ack, BAD Reader

Okay, it’s not that I’m not reading. I swear that I am. The problem is that I’m reading the wrong books, πŸ˜† I am reading the Long Tall Texans series. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I’m reading the Soldiers of Fortune series, πŸ˜€ Diana Palmer really sucks me in fast, and quick. I cannot help that.

I promise that I have Dark Lover on tap to be read. It’s sitting on the Kindle (my paperback version, sadly, is falling apart. Pages are quite literally falling out of it. I got a new version of it to replace it for my friend who’d loaned it to me, :D.

So, eventually, I’ll get to the review. No, I won’t be reviewing a Diana Palmer anytime soon. Simply because, as I’ve found, once I start, I’ll never finish πŸ˜€


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