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A Sweet


I love a good sucker.

Sweettarts Hearts ones are so delicious.

They’re an addiction!


Mother’s Day


I got some pretty flowers for Mother’s Day. I love them.

We’ll ignore that I picked them out myself. I picked out the dinner for tonight (scallops, yum) and my “dessert” of Pretzel M&Ms. Even more so yum!



No Throwback Thursday for Me

April 03
I made TWO videos. One is being uploaded tomorrow. The other, my Quarterly Favorites, is available!

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Your Favorite Treat

Yeah, in the reading, they’re discussing key lime pie. *gag*
Made me wonder though: What’s your favorite treat/dessert?

Me? I adore anything described as turtles: chocolate, caramel, and nuts, XD. YUM!!! Oh, and AmeriCone Dream, Stephen Colbert’s Ben ‘n Jerry’s flavor. Hee hee, it’s cheaper than Dairy Queen!

My Wii’s Broke

Okay, the Wii isn’t broke-broke, but Josh wanted the recharge-station, and *grumble* my Wii-mote doesn’t want to work right 🙁

Okay, I’m ready for my dessert, and kids to go to bed, :lol:. Who’s with me?

I need a nap, but god forbid Josh be the good guy and offer to help out. Nope, he SLEPT when I could have been sleeping 🙁