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Currently … Feb 01 – 05

Currently: February 01, 2016

February 01, 2016
Watching: Sons of Anarchy
Reading: Someone Like You
Listening: Quiet
Making: Muscles Sore
Feeling: Sickly
Planning: Working
Loving: Weight Loss

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5 February, 2016 · 11:25 pm


UntitledI am completely and totally excited to share the newest additions to our furniture family. Unfortunately, that means the death of another, but it was time, past time.

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4 February, 2016 · 11:07 pm

30 Days of Lists: Day 17

D14 List 17 - On my desk today

  1. Cold medicine
  2. Pens
  3. Paper
  4. Phone
  5. Soda

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Dad’s Desk

Working at Dad's Desk

I haven’t used an actual desk since I got my laptop, and it just feels weird to be doing it, but I gotta work, and well, this is awesome and perfect for this!

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Create With Me

053/366 [2012] - My Messy Desk

053/366 [2012] – My Messy Desk (Photo credit: TM2TS)

I’m sitting here, at my desk, what I like to call my “creation station”, and well, I want something with more storage. Something bigger. Something that just holds more. I need more space. Storage. Accessories. A life.

Oh, and I need some new speakers. The ones we have now are slowly starting to fade out. They’re getting poppy, and that’s not a good thing. That just is not good at all. *sad face*

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