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30 Days of Lists {Sept. 18-22}

S14 List Header 18

  1. Scrapbooking. Well, it sort of does, but that’s because I do the admin behind-the-scenes stuff at Gingerscraps. I also get free kits out of the deal as well!
  2. Reading. I read on average of 300 to 350 books a year. Trust me, I could make BANK if I could be paid to read πŸ˜‰
  3. Playing on my phone. Maybe I need to find an app creator who needs a tester πŸ˜›
  4. Housework avoidance. If I had that, I’d have enough to hire a maid πŸ˜†

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Some Pretty Layouts

Kit: Alchemy by Queen Wild Scraps
Template: Artsy Couture by LissyKay Designs

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Swim Lessons and More

Unfortunately, the kids didn’t pass. Ethan needs to work on his floating. I swear, the kid has NO BODY FAT and can’t float. πŸ˜† His whole body just sinks, even when he’s flat on his back. It’s pretty funny, actually.

Madison kept getting muscle cramps, so she wasn’t able to do some of the things. She’s going through a growth spurt (she’s fitting into 10s when they used to be SO big on her, and 12s are starting to not be loose, :lol:). She also needs to work on her confidence.

I’m proud of both of them though. They did try so hard. They definitely get props for that!

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Scrap-a-Lacking (Project Life Week 25)

Nope, not lacking in the scrapbook pages! Week in My Life is going to be TWO weeks total posted next week. I’ve been dealing with on-again, off-again headaches and inability to sleep, and I really like doing the posts, and want to do them justice!

Things I’m looking forward to in July:
1. 4th!
2. My parents are coming for a visit! They haven’t been here since we moved in :O
3. We’ll be doing at LEAST one Kansas City jaunt! Definitely hitting Cabelas, and might be going to Schlitterbahn as well

Kit: Project 2014 July by Connie Prince

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Who Wants to Help?

Anyone good at designing who can make this design for me?
It’s basic, because I want the freedom to design each week.
It’s regular paper-sized.
Or more Word handy that can HELP me design this?

I’m trying to design a planner for myself, πŸ˜†

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