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Week in the Life: Monday



  • 9-close: dishes at work
  • 1145a: dentist appointment

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WITL tomorrow!

I have lots of pictures, even after working from 9 until 11 and then from 1 until 8 ?. I had a dentist appointment. Had to get my new nightguard. I love how it feels already!


I feel like a spam wearing it though ?
I sound hilarious too. ?

Week in the Life: Yeah … HAHA


Today I thought I was supposed to start the “Week in the Life” series. I worked from 645a to 3p and then from 4p to 745p-ish. LONG day. ?

Then I went to a graduation party ?

Now I find it starts tomorrow, which is a little better, but I’m still working from 9-close on dishes. Though there is a break so I can go see the dentist for my nightguard. Gonna ask if it’s okay to keep wearing it tomorrow, because I know I’ll be grinding a lot ?

Run Joey Run


If I hadn’t had to work, I might have actually done a true work-out but I volunteered to roll back my PTO because someone called in

After I went and got my pretty new crown installed. It’s translucent zirconia. It matches my actual teeth perfectly! I’m happy with it.

Now I’m going to sleep because OH MY GOD, I’m exhausted!