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Is It Lights Time?

This year, we’re deciding not to do any real decorating.
It requires too much rearranging, and we want Christmas 2020 to be even more special. 😀

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not missing the crap out of the idea of lights and things.

Especially on Christmas Eve, when we take our PJ shots! 🙁

Not to figure out what to do instead!

The Tree Is Up


We finally put the tree up. Sad thing is that we already have a timeline of when we’re going to take it back down. Oh well, I love that it’s finally up!

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Decorating the Soul

103/365 - Pride in a Job Completed I’ve got this big empty wall that I need to fill, cover, something. I want things level, so I’m looking at a pls3.

I’ll probably end up with some Closetmaid or similar products stacked on top, so I can get rid of the armoire thing also pictured. I hate it. I honestly hate both, but I hate the armoire more. SO MUCH MORE.

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Eve 2010
The day before Christmas, Momma gets a little feisty Smile with tongue out 

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Pre-Planning Idiot

Paint. Tile. Granite. Wood. Oooh boy, Sarah has the decorating bug. Every once in awhile, I start looking at remodeling stuff and dreaming of what my house will look like. I will say right now, I have very expensive tastes. Oooh boy, are they expensive!

Color-scheme for most of the house. We want beach-y colors. It suits us both, so much!
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