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My Life Right Now: Week of January 18, 2016


loving that I am able to bring in some money for the family/household. 😀 I love (for the most part) the people that I work with. I feel accomplished when I come home, and I feel like I’m just more useful than I was before!

feeling Quite sore. Several busy days make me very sore. Worked a double yesterday (that’s from 645a until 8pm, with a break from 3-4, though I got off at 730p because we usually do)

trying to psych myself into being ready to wake up early in the morning. Not because I have to, but because I seem to have more energy when I do.

reading Elfshadow by Elaine Cunningham

watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix. HOLY SHIT. I can’t watch it when the kids are around! 😆

getting organized, or at least planning on it. Might be getting new dressers this week and damn it, I need to organize first 😉

buying dressers fingers crossed

working tomorrow and Wednesday but off Thursday and Friday. Considering offering hours to Anna since I don’t technically need them. Still unsure on that.

writing … nothing. I NEED to because I’m way behind on my monthly goal but I don’t have a comfortable space to just sit and zone!

looking for inspiration for my writing and desk ideas. I need something small that will fit between two dressers OR along the wall. :/


30 Days of Lists {Sept 13-15}

S14 List Header 13

  1. Josh’s long weekend
  2. Pay day
  3. Catching up with Project: Life
  4. Having good moments with my kids
  5. Talking with friends 😀

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Small Day Out With My Husband

When we came out of ##olivegarden for lunch
Though the temps were brutal, we braved it, and went out and enjoyed the day. Did a little shopping, spent a little money, just enjoyed our time together!

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Working For the Man

238/365 [2013] - Busy Schedule

Not really but it’s fun to “pretend” (and by fun, thank the good lord over and over).

Just keeping track of everything I have to do. Parent Night at the school tomorrow. Boy scouts meeting on Wednesday. Newsletter writing on Thursday. Another newsletter to write on Saturday. Busy, busy, busy.

Today was Josh’s day off, and it was nice. We hung around the apartment and it was WONDERFUL. Just perfectly wonderful. I loved it.

Take a Chance


Today, Josh had a rare Saturday off. We didn’t do anything important. Did make a Walmart run. But otherwise, nothing much.
Tomorrow, he’s going to do an oil change on the truck. It, um, hasn’t had once since November :O
Good news is that it just now hit 3K in miles :O

Otherwise, not much is going on. Madison is still on Cloud 9 for her diving attempts. 😀 We’re still proud of her, so proud of her!