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Morning Meltdown … Day 02

That smile! I’m so proud of myself!

I pushed play again!

I love this program. It’s different. That’s what is making the difference!

No Weekly Plans Anymore

Since no one seemed to do them, I think I’m just gonna let that meme go by the wayside, by way of other dead memes. It’s okay. Totally cool with it.

Did day #2 of the EA Active 30-Day Challenge. I ache more from that today, Whew. It feels good though. Legs are definitely jello-y. Lots of lunges and the like for this work-out. Burned over 110 calories though!

Tomorrow is a “day off” from it (Tuesday and Thursday), so I’ll be doing “My Fitness Coach” on those days. Silly. I swear, I’m turning into Kori, Rolling Eyes.

Otherwise, not much is going on. I was thinking I was going to need some cross-trainers, but for the EA Active, my runners (Athletic Works Detra) seem to be working out pretty well. They’re comfortable!!