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Morning Meltdown … Day 01

I started. Half the battle is that. Just the start. Chugging that pre-workout. Hooking the laptop to the TV. Pushing play.

Half the battle is just doing that.

The rest of the battle is all internal. Finishing. Not stopping. No matter how hard I’m breathing. No matter how much I’m hurting (good hurt, not bad hurt).

Don’t stop. Give it all.

This is all for me, and you’re here to see it!

EA Active 30 Day Challenge – Day 01

Okay, I got EA Active today (on sale at Target, Walmart price-matched). It was about 20 minutes. It was running, lunges, squats, jumps (inline skating), cardio boxing.

Honestly, I was soaked. I took off the leg band for the nunchuk and sweat started rolling down my leg. EWW!! But, WOW!! I felt AMAZING!! I now completely understand what drives Kori to go and do as much as she does, even with the back. The jumping hurt the ankle like a sonofabitch, but I pushed through it. Didn’t do too great on the inline skating because of it, but I’ll get better!!

Picture proof of my fun times (don’t worry, no sweat pictures):

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