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The Week Totals

Though the day isn’t quite over, I’m literally falling asleep sitting up 😆 so I’m going to share how the week has gone so far:


My feet hurt SO BAD after this but DAMN! I’m proud of it! 😀

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Oh … Em … Gee

RetributionRetribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my goodness! I was sucked in almost from the very beginning. It was such a great read. I loved the incorporation of Sundown’s history with his present, and how all decisions led to one point.

I did get confused in some parts. Probably will be doing a re-read to figure that out. Like Coyote and Ren. WTF? Um … what?

But all in all, a great read. Another amazing story from an amazing author!

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Note: I started reading this on August 2nd, around 9am. I finished before 2:30pm … on that date. Yeah, I had that Kindle attached to me ALL day Laughing out loud

Found an old NaNo

I found one of my first tries at winning NaNoWriMo. I got seriously sick the first week, so I never finished what I had started. Reading this, almost, makes me want to try and finish it. Almost, but not completely, 😆

I enjoyed reading this though. I have a few “WTF” spots, which is probably either me typing too fast and the auto-corrects.

I’m kind of proud of what I did write though, I think.

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Charms, I Have Them

Okay, maybe I don’t. I actually would love to have some charm bracelets. Maybe one for me, and one for Madi. I know that I would want some charms that show my personality, and things I’ve gone through in life. I also wouldn’t mind some silver bracelets, because I prefer the look of silver over gold. I definitely know that leather bracelets are not for me. I love Dark Hunters, but I’m not one 😉
For Madi, I would want ones that show off how cute and adorable she can be, but also how tough she is. She’s an amazing little girl, and I think the world should know that. Something like this would be perfect for her, I think. She loves butterflies and hearts. Then again, one with crowns might be a better idea for her.
What kind of charms would you get for a charm bracelet?

I’m Going

As a birthday present to myself, a tradition started way back when by my Aunt Anne, whom I miss dearly, I will be seeing the Nutcracker. I’ll be going with Julie, December 7 at 3pm. :w00t: I ordered the tickets last night and I should be getting them in the mail by the 5th. :w00t:.

Oh, and to make me even more spoiled, I found out from Julie what I’m getting for my birthday from her: Dead After Dark
She only told me so I didn’t buy it for myself. 🙂 I’m glad she told me because I was going to. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Fury Kattalakis, but it also has a part from JR Ward, whose Black Dagger Brotherhood I’m currently obsessed with. Guess who got me hooked on that series accidentally?