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Sweet New Pens


Pretty life means I need pretty pens.

I love the Sakura Glaze pens. These are the Basics and Brights. SO PRETTY!

I also got some pretty permanent pens to write on washi :O I might be a little obsessed!

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23 December, 2016 · 11:32 pm

T-13 – 52nd Edition

Random Thoughts of Mine

1. I’m currently starving.
2. My goal wait is 120.
3. It’s raining and the raining is causing a migraine.
4. My first favorite band was NKOTB.
5. My current obsession is Joey McIntyre.
6. I blame Kori and her sister for that 100%.
7. “Don’t be afraid … aww shit” makes me crack up every time!
8. “They’re called Bravehearts. Don’t fuck with us.” I messed that up, but it’s funny too.
9. I still have to pee.
10. I wish the rain would freaking stop!
11. I don’t want to work out or fold the three loads of laundry staring at me.
12. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate rain? Or Laundry?
13. I gotta back up Storyteller. Like yesterday 😉

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